Baptist Video Sermons online


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Baptist video sermons online can help teach and bring greater insight of God’s word. For those in need of an understanding of what the Lord is saying through His preachers and teachers of the Baptist denomination. New converts to Christianity or those looking for a church can also get a better view of their doctrine.

The Baptist denomination, who are Christian believers, profess their faith through being baptized through complete immersion and not through sprinkling. Most Baptist churches are considered to be Protestant but not all. Baptists differ in their beliefs when it comes to worship and Christian discipleship. You will find many Baptist video sermons online to choose from here at

The First Great Awakening Revival took place in Britain and the American colonies during the 1730’s and 1740’s. The emergence of Anglo-American evangelicalism as a trans-denominational movement within the Protestant churches was brought about through the Great Awakening. The number of African slaves and those who were free increased during the revival movement and were converted to Christianity.

The Southern Baptist Association is the largest Baptist denomination with more than 15 million.