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Sermon Audios About Prayer – Powerful and Effective


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Sermon Audios About Prayer

Believers striving to have faith in God will find that a focus on developing a consistent prayer life is a critical tool. Jesus wants an open dialogue with his people. Sermon audios about prayer can lead you from the basic instruction given with the Lord’s prayer to an enriching experience. Learn how to build a truly personal relationship with our Savior through prayer. Why? Because prayer is powerful!

Powerful Prayer Audio Sermons

The words of Apostle Paul encourage everyone walking the Christian walk, to pray continually. Be ready to rebuke, every day, the possibility of an attack by the enemy. Keeping a strong connection to heaven through prayer will carry you through trials and difficulties. Prayer releases blessing, protection, and strength when you have faith in God.

Absorb the knowledge made available in any sermon audio about prayer. It will demonstrate the importance of building faith by “leaning” and trusting in God. Especially in times of making critical decisions, asking forgiveness, increasing patience or wisdom in any life challenge. King David was a man after God’s heart. He continued in prayer and worship for wisdom in all the things listed above.

Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Learning to Pray

The Lord’s prayer, found in Matthew 6:9-13, was delivered in the sermon on the mount by Jesus. It was addressed to his precious disciples as an instruction about the depth of connection that a prayer life offers the true believer. Powerful sermon audios about prayer will take you through the beginnings of a Christian disciple prayer life. Ultimately, prayer will lead you to understand the empowering nature, through intimate communication with God, and what it holds.

Prayer can be a profound expression of love for fellow believers and the lost souls. Furthermore, prayer and will help you have faith and walk by faith during the most turbulent times. Ultimately, we are commanded to love and pray for one another, just as Jesus continues to do, to this day.

Intercessory Prayer Warrior

Jesus lived among humanity to show us that there is abiding hope. Even in what seems to be a hopeless world. Some of the mightiest warriors in the kingdom of God do their battles through prayer. You will learn the meaning and power of intercessory prayer through sermon audios about prayer. Discovering how to bring victory for Jesus through a fervent prayer life will give you a way to serve God, every day. There is so much power in prayer.

Real spiritual growth and discernment blossom as you get into the word. Furthermore, understanding will help and develop a healthy prayer life. Developing strong faith does not require the witnessing of great miracles. But, the miracle potential of believing in the power of God is for everyday spiritual sustenance.

Old Christian movies, such as the Jesus Christ movie, demonstrates how prayer is essential in communicating with our Father in heaven. Jesus is our intercessor. Only Jesus made it possible for our eternal salvation. A reconciliation with our Creator.

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