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Audio Sermons

Audio Sermons

Audio sermons online serve as a great tool for preachers and teachers. Just a few years ago, before the creation of the Internet, great evangelist such as Smith Wigglesworth and Billy Graham only had Christian radio or the television. Their options were limited to where their crusades and teachings could be broadcast. And to broadcast on television back then was very expensive. You had to make sure to remember to “tune in” to your Christian radio station. You made sure you didn’t miss the man of woman of God preaching their Sunday sermon on Jesus Christ.

Thank goodness all their work and ministry was not lost. Audio sermons allow us to go back and hear what God what was speaking through them at that time. Sometimes we are able to focus on what it being said just by listening. We can sometimes get distracted by what is going on in a video. And many miss some very important revelations or the whole message of the sermon.

Sermons Audio

Years ago an audio sermon brought the family together. It was something to look forward to and a lot of Christians depended on the broadcast to learn God’s word. There is so much valuable and historical bible information about Jesus’ death and Jesus’ resurrection. You can learn just by listening to sermons audio. God’s word is dateless, it never gets old.

Audio sermons can be listened to during a bike ride or while walking, gardening and fishing. There are so many opportunities where we can listen to an anointed audio sermon. Audio sermons for kids are a great way for children to be introduced to Jesus’ teachings. Their attention span can be short sometimes and they are like sponges when someone is talking. They absorb without being forced.

Sermon Videos

Audio sermons are a great way to recapture the word spoken by some great men and women of God. Sunday sermon videos are also available to make you feel like your are there. Sermon videos might have praise and worship songs that you can sing and give honor to our Lord. And the elderly can watch a Palm Sunday sermon video is they are bedridden and are not able to attend church.

An MP3 is a great little device to enjoy the latest in Christian music and audio sermons. It is very convenient during prayer time. It gives you the options to choose and download the songs you like the most. Or, listen to your favorite preacher during that quiet time and draw closer to our Lord.

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